Deine Immobilienplattform für Österreich

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100 m²
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Our offices for 3 or 4 people are perfect for workgroups and project development. Spaces offices are available to you as needed - and you only pay for what you have u 

sed. Our flexible contracts fully adapt to your needs and grow your business. Spaces Icon has completely
Refurbished premises, excellent wireless internet access, bright work spaces and a corporate community. Near the Spaces Center are numerous restaurants and shops - perfect for a walk in the break. Your new workplace is well connected to the public transportation. The 100 m² large area includes a 13 m² private office for 3 or 4 people with high-quality furniture and common areas such as the kitchen. Multilingual receptionist is available. There are no additional taxes and charges for water and energy costs and community fees. Click here to find out more

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