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IBM Proventia Network Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) GX6116 extends Proventia technology’s industry-leading protection farther into the core of your network, where it can help block both external and internal threats before they affect your business. If you’re currently using high-performance applications such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), you need security solutions that are capable of high throughput, maximum scalability and low latency. And with IBM Proventia IPS GX6116, you can take advantage of these capabilities as well as inspect network traffic at up to 6 Gbps throughput across eight protected network segments—helping to ensure a configurable bounded latency threshold.

To help meet the demanding requirements of the network core, Proventia IPS GX6116 features a custom-built architecture that includes a network processing unit (NPU) specifically designed for high-speed processing of network packets.

Proventia IPS GX6116 delivers security, performance and reliability in one solution that’s easy to deploy and manage.





  • A Raza Microelectronics network processing unit (NPU) specifically designed for high-speed processing of network packets
  • Eight 64bit multi-core processors and dual XEON® x86 processors examine traffic across all seven OSI layers
  • High availability options for continuous protection and network availability
  • Robust hardware redundancy for power supplies and data storage
  • Vulnerability-based protection to stop threats before they impact business
  • Proven protection for entire categories of attacks including buffer overflows, worms, spyware, denial-of-service and browser-based attacks

Securing high-speed networks without sacrificing performance
Intrusion prevention systems (IPS) can help enterprises meet compliance requirements and protect valuable business data, but network administrators cannot tolerate the negative impact many traditional security appliances have on the network. The solution enterprises require merges network performance and availability with advanced threat protection.

The Proventia GX6116 offers the best of both worlds — network performance and ahead-of-the-threat protection.

Engineered with today's three network pain points in mind — Performance, Availability and Reliability — the Proventia Network IPS GX6116 is designed to secure the network, maximize uptime and optimize throughput.

The Proventia protection engine employs multiple intrusion prevention technologies working in tandem to monitor, detect or block these classes of network threats:

  • Application attacks
  • Attack obfuscation
  • Cross-site scripting attacks
  • Data leakage
  • Database attacks
  • DoS and DDoS attacks
  • Drive-by downloads
  • Insider threats
  • Instant messaging
  • Malicious document types
  • Malicious media files
  • Malware
  • Operating system attacks
  • Peer-to-peer
  • Protocol tunneling
  • SQL injection attacks
  • Web browser attacks
  • Web server attacks

Blocking network threats and delivering security convergence at the core, perimeter and remote segments
By consolidating network security demands for data loss prevention and protection for Web applications, IBM Proventia Network IPS serves as the security platform that reduces the costs and complexity of deploying and managing point solutions for the network core, perimeter and remote segments.

When evaluating intrusion prevention technology, businesses often struggle to balance and optimize the following six areas:

  • Performance
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Deployment
  • Management
  • Confidence

Proventia Network IPS delivers on all six counts, with performance, preemptive protection, high availability, simple deployment and management, and excellent customer support. Organizations that want to transfer the burden of protecting their network to a trusted security partner can rely on IBM to manage the Proventia product family. Proventia customers also benefit from a range of complementary consulting services for assessment, design, deployment, management and education.

Consolidating network security with preemptive protection
With its modular product architecture, IBM Proventia Network IPS drives security convergence by adding entirely new modules of protection as threats evolve. From worms to botnets to data security to Web applications, Proventia Network IPS delivers the protection demanded for business continuity, data security and compliance.

The IBM Internet Security Systems X-Force research and development team designed the Proventia IPS protection engine and provide the content updates that maintain ahead of the threat protection. X-Force also designed the protection modules, which include:

  • Virtual Patch® Management
  • Threat Detection & Prevention
  • Data Loss Protection
  • Web Application Protection
  • Network Security Enforcement




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