Wer wir sind

  ^About PCSWe are a well established and present company division operating since 5 years on Doha/Qatar. 
Our reliable products and services are high respected from our customers and we are proud to receive regularly their positive feedback. 
You are most welcome to work with us and it might be pleasure for us to find you as one of our new business partner which we can serve. ^Portable Crushing & Screening**CRUSHING** of materials from stock pile or excavated areas into different material sizes as per QCS or special requirements

**SCREENING** of materials from stock pile or almost CRUSHED materials to reach different material stock piles up to three different material sizes during one screening sequence as per QCS or special requirements

**RELATED SERVICES** like providing full or partial needed equipments to run the crushing and screening job (Excavators, Loaders ...)

Momentan hat dieses Unternehmen leider keine aktiven Stelleninserate.