Wer wir sind

Fronterra Integrated Geosciences, LLC is an independent provider of high end geoscience solutions. Our employees are handpicked based on their skills and many are well established in the oil and gas industry. Most have a background with major operating companies, service companies and/or educational establishments. Whilst collectively we have many hours in the industry we will never claim to have “seen it all”. We are not affiliated to any other company and deeply value the independence which we have.
Fronterra Geosciences is headquartered in Houston, Texas. We have 4 further offices in the US, and one each in Argentina, Colombia, Austria, the United Kingdom and Egypt, with another office planned for Abu Dhabi. Our experience spreads further than our physical locations though, with many of our employees having participated in projects from all over the globe. Our motto, “Bringing Visions to the Surface” aptly fits our company in our daily work and also the visions of our staff on a more personal level.
As a company our only real assets are our employees and our brand. We aim to treat employees as we would our own family. We share our success together and, when required, we share a burden together; as was demonstrated when Hurricane Ike took its toll on us in 2008. We aim to provide a pleasant work environment that encourages social interaction, yet gives our employees the peace to think when required.
We like to believe that we are different. We are not interested in the more typical client/vendor style of relationship; we are interested in a mutually beneficial partnership with everyone we work with. Only by truly understanding the problem we have been requested to solve can we seek to find a solution. Once
we have found a solution we want to work with our partners to be sure that they understand it and how it can be implemented. At the same time, we do not know everything and by giving us background information we can often develop a superior solution.
Despite the years of experience which we have, our work is entirely dependent on the data which we receive. We believe we have the most comprehensive quality control procedures in the industry, and we are always up?front about the data which we receive. If the data does not warrant the service requested then we will bring this to our partner’s attention before proceeding. We work with the service companies and software vendors to ensure the input data we receive is of the highest possible quality and can be processed to yield the best from it.
Our interpretations are based on measurements and our experience. We believe we provide the most accurate interpretation possible based on the data we receive. We have no magic wand though and cannot physically interact fully with the environment in which we work; therefore we provide a report which leads you to the solutions we found. The more input data we receive the greater the accuracy of the output product.

Momentan hat dieses Unternehmen leider keine aktiven Stelleninserate.