Wer wir sind

{||{||Systems in Progress Holding GmbH|Systems in Progress is designed to monitor EGDs (Electronic Gaming Devices) collecting day-to-day details and summarize information automatically to help venues manage and optimize gaming performance and generate basic reports. We aim at revolutionizing the casino systems market in terms of benefit to operators, their employees, and their patrons. The respectable number of worldwide installations validates our method.SiP's top objective is to assist operators of any size anywhere in the world in making their businesses more profitable and efficient through a system that is*Easy to use, as working with any SiP product is "as natural as switching on the light"*Effective by helping operators optimize and streamline their business|}[http://www.sip.co.at "www.sip.co.at"]|}

Momentan hat dieses Unternehmen leider keine aktiven Stelleninserate.